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Jason Atkins


My Process

I use a photograph as reference to create a vector drawing on canvas. From there, I use acrylic paint to bring the image to life. I enjoy drawing and painting sports and music icons but my collection includes portraits of people I know, to portraits of fictitious characters, to monsters inspired by my children. Nothing is off limits if it's fun to create and interesting to look at.

My Inspiration

From the time I was a child, I've always been drawn to comic books and pop art. I spent many hours drawing my favorite comic book characters. As I grew older, I continued to explore other mediums and techniques. I attended Syracuse University for Illustration where I spent countless hours drawing and painting but I always found myself returning to the original style I enjoyed as a child. Today, I love taking photographs and recreating them to have a look and feel similar to comic books while not losing the authenticity of the original image.

Fun Facts

I love children's artwork and often spend a lot of time re-creating things my children have drawn.

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