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Laurel Fish


My Process

I make wheel thrown functional stoneware and porcelain pottery using a variety of techniques. Many of my pieces are hand painted using colored underglazes and covered with a food safe clear glaze. I create pots that are decorative but also functional. Another technique I frequently use is carving images into my work. The images I use are derived from fruit and vegetables to forms found in nature. My pottery includes bowl sets, spoon rests, eyeglass holders, plates and platters and more

My Inspiration

My current inspiration is based on a class I am taking about how to use colored clay or Nerikomi. This is a technique where slabs of colored clays are stacked, folded, pressed into logs, sliced, and finally arranged to form a vessel. Workshops and classes are always very motivating and a great source of new ideas for my work.

Fun Facts

I make bird feeders and have several of them hanging in my back yard. I love seeing the birds eating out of my feeders all year long. I try to always make sure the feeders are full or the birds really let me know.

Studio: Laurel Fish Pottery

Online Sales: Yes

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