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Michael Pangilinan

Mixed Media

My Process

Summit Goods Co. provides handmade durable leather goods. Our aim is to provide clean minimalist designs and products that feel good, look good, and stand the test of time. We pride ourselves on providing purposeful functionality to all of the products we make and provide. You may have known us as "The Stitching Horse" in the past and we've since rebranded for the New Year and onward.

My Inspiration

A lot of our inspiration comes from minimalist and purposeful architecture and design. We also aim to incorporate everyday functionality into our products, thus much of how we design a product is based on its use or utility to improve what may already exist in the world.

Fun Facts

I started my leatherwork journey by disassembling old hand-stamped leather belts and making them into bracelets and cuffs. I soon started buying small scraps/hides and found that I could make a variety of new things. My first everyday carry good was a simple leather card wallet that I still have today.

Studio: Summit Goods Company, LLC

Online Sales: Yes

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