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Renee Bergere

Mixed Media

My Process

I love finding new all natural raw, sustainable materials that I can make new products with. Or taking an ordinary soy candle and formulating it into a candle that can be used as a lotion. Everything is made in small, artisan batches right here in Doylestown.

My Inspiration

Nature, medicine, and people's stories. We have some many gifts that nature has given us and we need to constantly be mindful of them. Plants and minerals have helped many people with ailments throughout the centuries and we have almost forgotten about how pure and simple treatments can be. You do not need 50 ingredients in your moisturizing lotion, or fragrance and dyes in your soap. My journey is to keep these products simple and healthy because our skin is our largest organ and we absorb everything we put on it.

Fun Facts

I love my job. Every day is a new adventure for me to learn and grow.

Studio: Lotus 8

Online Sales: Yes

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