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Susanne Kelly

Mixed Media

My Process

I use a variety of materials such as paint, transfers, stamps, and texture to create beautiful serving trays, lazy Susan’s and wall art on wood rounds.

My Inspiration

My daughter inspired me to indulge in my love for painting. As a single mom at the time, I needed to figure out a way to help with college expenses and decided to begin selling painted furniture. Over the years, I began working on smaller items such as the trays and lazy Susan’s which I really enjoy.

I took part in the Doylestown arts festival last year and I had such a successful weekend. I must say that the success of that event inspired me tremendously.

Fun Facts

Year back I was a single mom needing to find some extra income to help put my daughter Savannah through college. I had always loved painting and decided to begin painting and selling furniture which is how ‘Savvy’ Susanne was born. Savvy not only stands for the standard definition, but for my Savannah ….the reason I began painting.

Studio: Savvy Susanne

Online Sales: No

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