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Derrick Morgan


My Process

tee shirts, mugs, and other similar items that feature artwork created by local artists who are featured in our store. We also would have a dedicated space to our Merch on a Mission, which is designed by neurodiverse young adults of all abilities as part of our mentorship program.

My Inspiration

Monkey’s Uncle is the go-to for Philly sports fans, but it's so much more than just a store! We use our love for everything old school to empower students of all abilities to find their awesomeness! We're a platform for local artists to feature their work on the most awesome t-shirts in Bucks County

Fun Facts

Our Monkey on a Mission program teaches our deurodiverse students graphic design, printing, and production of their own artwork! Each quarter we feature a new student's artwork which they have learned how to convert into tee shirts, mugs, and tote bags that are available for the public to order.

Studio: Monkeys Uncle

Online Sales: Yes

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