Calling All Volunteers - We Need You!

:: Vendor Resources

We are happy to provide support and answers for our dedicated vendors. Below are a selection of commonly requested resources and frequently asked questions. If you are looking for something else, please contact us for help!

:: FAQ

  • When does the festival begin and end?

    The festival opens at 10:00am. There are often locals and visitors wandering the streets as early as 9:30am, so setting up early and quickly has many benefits. The festival closes at 5pm each day. Early breakdown is not permitted unless explicitly instructed by the organizers.

  • When can I setup on Saturday?

    Saturday setup begins at 6:00am. Cars must be off the streets no later than 8:30am. Setup should be complete by 9am.

  • When can I setup on Sunday?

    With the addition of the Bucks County Classic races, setup on Sunday has some extra challenges. Setup begins early at 6:00am. Cars must be off the streets no later than 8:00am. If you are not inside the festival grounds before 7:30am you may not be allowed to enter the festival due to safety of the cyclists. If you are running late you may park outside the festival and walk/cart your supplies in.

  • How does festival breakdown work?

    The festival closes at 5:00pm. Volunteers and Public Works crews will immediately begin breakdown and cleanup procedures. All artists must begin breakdown at 5:00pm sharp. We recommend packing up extra materials ahead of time. Breakdown must be completed, with all booths and cars off the street, by 6:30pm.

  • Where is my booth?

    Locate your booth space by reviewing the final layout (sent to you via email) and referencing the Festival Map. All booths will be marked by numbers with chalk on the street with guidelines for placement. If you cannot find your booth please contact us before the event for assistance. If you are lost on the day of the festival, please locate a volunteer.

  • What are the setup guidelines?

    Enter the festival grounds as close to your booth location as possible. Unload promptly and move vehicles before setting up your display so as to not block the streets. Vendors blocking roadways for more than 15 minutes will be asked to move. Do not block other artist spaces while setting up. If you are located in the Hamilton Street Parking Lot please consider parking on Hamilton Street to reduce congestion in the parking lot.

  • Can anyone help me setup?

    Our volunteers are here to help you, but we are limited in number. If you know you will need special assistance please contact us prior to the event so we can send someone to your booth. We cannot guarantee support so please be prepared to setup if our volunteers are tied up in other projects.

  • What if someone is in my space?

    If you are having any issues with setup, please locate a festival volunteer (look for the blue shirts). We will be happy to mediate any issues or errors.

  • Where can I park?

    We have reserved artist parking at the Justice Center on Union St. There is overflow parking across the street in the County Parking Garage. See our parking map for more information.

  • How large is my space?

    Booth spaces are 10'x10' each. If you exceed your allotted space you will be asked to rearrange. All materials should be stored inside your booth. Do not block sidewalks. Do not place items in the gaps between booths - these are intended for pedestrian access to sidewalks and shops. Be cautious of trip and/or overhead clearance risks.

  • What is provided?

    We provide an empty 10x10 space for you to setup as needed. We encourage tents with overhead coverage for protection from the sun, heat, and any other weather. We recommend open walls if your setup allows it. Booth numbers will be provided along with shopping bags to give your customers. Tents must be weighted down and secured in case of wind.

  • How do I get a booth number?

    Booth numbers will be distributed to each vendor Saturday morning. Please display this number both days of the festival.

  • How can I promote the festival?

    We're so glad you asked! Follow us on Facebook and Instagram. Tag the festival and use #dtownartsfest in all of your festival posts and behind-the-scenes previews. Have fun content you think we'd like? Send it our way via email or social and we'll share it out! Check out our Press Kit for more goodies.

  • Is there WIFI available?

    Not at this time. We recommend you utilize a personal hotspot if you need an internet connection. Data may be slow or limited due to the amount of attendees and vendors utilizing cellular data.

  • Any other requirements?

    Displays must not block sidewalks and all tables must be covered to the ground with packing materials neatly out of sight. No electric is available for artists. Booths may not be shared unless you applied together. All artwork must be original and handmade. Artists are not permitted to change spaces or move their setup without permission from the festival organizers. No sound or flashing displays are permitted. Violation of any festival guidelines will result in removal from the show.

  • Single Use Bag Ban

    The Borough of Doylestown has banned single use plastic bags. All vendors will be expected to follow these guidelines. More information can be found on the Borough's website.

  • Are there bathrooms and refreshments?

    Yes! Check out our festival map to find key points of interest. If you need someone to watch your booth while you make a run, please talk to your neighboring artists or a festival volunteer.

  • How will my customers find me?

    We promote our artists and other vendors in a number of ways: social media, our mobile-friendly website, a printed program, and media support. The festival is advertised across the region in print, digital, and outdoor signage.

  • Where can I apply?

    Our artist application is powered by Submittable, an online application platform. Each year we accept applications from January-April. See our artist application for more details.

  • How is the layout decided?

    Following the announcement of our artists we begin creating the layout of the festival. We do not accept space requests or reservations, with the exception of our overnight spaces. The layout is determined primarily to create a variety of styles and genres through the festival.

  • What fees should I expect?

    See our artist application for details on the upcoming festival. All proceeds benefit the festival and our community.

  • How many people attend the festival?

    We estimate 15-20,000 visitors throughout the weekend, however this can vary from year to year.

  • What if there is bad weather?

    Our festival goes on, rain or shine! In the rare and unfortunate case of extreme weather we would cancel the affected day(s). We are not able to provide a rain date due to the location and permits of our festival. Fees cannot be refunded in the case of a cancellation.