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Douglas Cavanaugh

Mixed Media (3D)

My Process

I'll draw something that is inspired by Celtic and Norse history and mythology. I'll take that artwork and use various tools and materials to apply them in the various mediums. Examples are the stoneware bottles and the etched glass where I use a cutter to cut vinyl then sandblast the to etch it.

My Inspiration

I'm inspired mainly by Celtic and Norse mythology and history. Stories of how these different groups interacted and influenced each other and ultimately how it led to where we are today. I've always been into drawing/creating. So when I'm fascinated with a subject my art is how I express that.

Fun Facts

My most popular design is of a wolf from Norse mythology, Fenrir. It has become a viral image and can be found in video games such as Assasin's Creed: Valhalla. It amazes me how much that design took off.

Studio: Celtic Hammer Club

Online Sales: Yes

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