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Eric Leland

Paper / Printmaking

My Process

I am an illustrator with a letterpress print studio. I use moveable type and my own woodcuts to create letterpress ephemera, including greeting cards and prints. I create books, calendars, and games which use my painted and drawn illustrations and are printed with letterpress and digital processes.

My Inspiration

My garden, travel, architecture, and industrial history are a few of my primary sources of inspiration, but almost anything can give me an idea for a new greeting card. My biggest new project for 2023 is a richly illustrated, botanically themed card game inspired by my own horticultural experiences!

Fun Facts

Over the past year, I have been lucky enough to nearly double the size of my wood and metal type collections, so hopefully there will be some fun new cards by the time September arrives.

Studio: Eric Leland's Manufactory

Online Sales: Yes

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