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Eric Leland


My Process

I am an illustrator with a small letterpress print studio. I use my vintage presses, my collection of moveable type, and my own woodcuts to create artful and humorous letterpress ephemera, including greeting cards and prints. I create illustrated books, calendars, (and hopefully, as of 2022, games) which use my painted and drawn illustrations and are printed with a combination of letterpress and digital processes.

My Inspiration

My garden, travel, architecture, and industrial history are a few of my primary sources of inspiration, but almost anything can give me an idea for a new greeting card!

Fun Facts

During two years of being stuck at home during the pandemic, my annual "The Produce Is Not Safe!" bunny calendars looked back to first the Roman and then the Viking eras for inspiration. Because I was able to get out of the house again in 2022, the 2023 calendar is going to be full of illustrations inspired by New England and the Mid-Atlantic states, including several Pennsylvania scenes.

Studio: Eric Leland's Manufactory

Online Sales: Yes

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