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Jan Powers

Mixed Media

My Process

I use acrylic paints and resin to create my functional art on wood, glass, ceramic and cork. I pour acrylic paints, using the varying viscosities, to create ribbons of color and cells that are unique to each serving tray, platter, vase, coaster, ornament and small wall art. A crystal clear resin brings out the detail and brilliance of the colors and sometimes glitter is added to make a piece pop! For variety, I also use pigment directly added into the resin to achieve a different effect than the acrylic paints. My work is both functional for entertaining and a statement piece for adding beauty to people’s homes.

My Inspiration

I am inspired by color all around me whether it be in the shades in the clouds, depths of color in the ocean, variety of color used in tapestries, and even my own library of work.

Fun Facts

It started a something fun to do to celebrate my daughter's 30th birthday and developed into a passion and business!

Studio: HenBit Art

Online Sales: Yes

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