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JoAnne Sutkin


My Process

I am a potter who makes one of a kind wheel thrown and altered functional pots. My pieces are fired atmospherically in several different ways and in several different kilns, including wood kilns, often with salt introduced into the firing process, gas kilns with sodium bicarbonate introduced at the end of the firing, and electric kilns for certain clays. I use a variety of clay bodies to elicit unique markings and colorings from the fire, fly ash, glaze and soda. The presentation of my pieces ranges from muted fire affected vases to brightly colored and fluxed glazed bowls and cups. My lines include bowls, ramen bowls, berry bowls, cups, tiny glasses, whiskey sippers, tea cups and tumblers, salt shakers and salt pigs, vases of various sizes, covered jars, and kitchen and bathroom knick-knacks such as spoon rests, utensil holders, sponge holders and stay-dry soap dishes. I also make planters, some of which I plant with locally sourced succulents.

My Inspiration

I am inspired by what I see in nature; trees, stones, grass, moss, dirt, and more. I am particularly interested in the interplay between the clay as processed from earth, and fire, which is why I am drawn to the wood firing process. The fire and wood ash “paint” the different clays is ways that are unique and beautiful.

Fun Facts

Sometimes I will throw the cylinder parts of my pots with my eyes closed, or looking away from the wheel. The cylinders I make by feel only are usually just as good if not better than when I look!

Studio: Barnhouse Pots

Online Sales: Yes

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