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Jordan Spector


My Process

Original artwork created and supplied by artist Jordan Spector. The focus of Spector's work is to recreate moments filled with energy, emotion, and passion through the lens of a former athlete. His work is a testament to the transcendent quality of art and sports. This is movement. This is passion. This is art with energy.

My Inspiration

Jordan Spector was a multi-sport athlete growing up, eventually leading to his sole focus on the game of football. Despite having no Division 1 scholarship offers, Spector's drive, passion, and energy didn't stop him from becoming a walk-on football player at Template University. Tragically Spector's football career was cut short by injury, leaving him no choice but to walk away from the game. Rather than allowing that to slow him down, Spector soon found an outlet for his passion through something he always had a secret talent for - art.

Fun Facts

Today Jordan Spector is a renowned artist commissioned by professional athletes and prof in the sports industry.

Studio: Spector Sports Art

Online Sales: Yes

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