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Kenneth Ingalls

Mixed Media

My Process

My expertise is in the scent part of candle making. I worked at an aromatics company for 7 years as a chemist. Many of our scents are my own mixtures and creation. We carry over 75 fragrances in our candles. All colors are derived from the 3 primary dyes and unique in every pouring. Fragrances change the burning characteristics of wax and we adjust each scents wick size. 28 years of my wife and i making our candles.

My Inspiration

Originally, we were looking for a part time business to help pay for our upcoming wedding. I had been playing in the flavor lab at lunch to blend unique smells. My wife loved candles and we used my inside track to get started. Within 5 months, I had to quit my job as we could not keep up. Compliments are wonderful and repeat business is proof we can do it right.

Fun Facts

Twice a year I go to my old job and play mad scientist with our scent supplier. People are amazed when you explain just how simple and dynamic many smells are prepared. i also love to explain how destructive some smells can be. Real orange oil will take the paint off your car in no time. Very corrosive and illegal to ship in the mail. Too low a flash point.

Studio: Little House Candles

Online Sales: Yes

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