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Kenneth Ingalls

Mixed Media (3D)

My Process

My experience is in scent part of candle making. I worked at an aromatics company for 7 years as a chemist. Many of our scents are my own mixtures and creation. All colors are derived from the 3 primary dyes. Fragrances change the burning characteristics of wax and we adjust each scent's wick size.

My Inspiration

Originally, we were looking for a part-time business to help pay for our wedding. I had been playing in the flavor lab at work to blend unique smells. Jen loves candles so we started small and the rest is history. Within 5 months I quit my job for our full-time business. Our repeat customers are the best.

Fun Facts

Twice a year I go to my old job and play mad scientist with our scent supplier. Most fragrances are not magical. I love to tell customers how many essential oils are extracted and their many uses. Orange oil is flammable and will dissolve paint. However, dilute solutions are used in green cleaners.

Studio: Little House Candles

Online Sales: Yes

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