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Marci Snyder


My Process

I press leaves in porcelain clay and work with the clay to create functional pieces of art for the home. The first time I pressed leaves into clay, I heard an answer to a long-held question I didn’t even know I had bubbling inside me. My pottery explores the relationship between the fragility and change found in nature ~ the rhythm and cycles of the seasons, of growth and decay ~ and the longevity and lasting quality of botanical imprints.

My Inspiration

Nature is my true inspiration. I find so much joy, awe, and humility encountering the beautiful imperfect perfection of the natural world. I am captivated by the tiniest unfolding of a fern spiraling into newness ~ discovering the unique personality of each plant, each leaf, each seed pod ~ the sensation of running my hand across a blanket of moss.

Fun Facts

I use real leaves in each of my pieces and each piece is one-of-a-kind piece of art (and made with great care and a lot of love). I'm obsessed with leaves and am on a constant look out for beautiful leaves ~ much to the chagrin of my family when we go on hikes! We always have leaves that I have found stored in the refrigerator, I try to keep them far away from the lettuce so there is no confusion ;-).

Studio: Kokoru Ceramics

Online Sales: Yes

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