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Mary Carol Cheshire


My Process

My joy is creating pet portraits out of wool. The art is created using tiny bits of colored wool which are stabbed into a backround fabric using a barbed needle. It is called 2D needle felting. I do commissioned portraits of pets and sometimes people!

My Inspiration

People love their pets so much! To have a portrait of their precious furbaby is so special. Many people commission portraits in memorandum of a pet that has crossed over the rainbow bridge. I have had women cry when they see my finished work! That is what inspires me!

Fun Facts

I got into this art form during the Pandemic. Somehow I stumbled onto an online artist in the UK who was offering a course on dog portraits using the 2D Needle felting method. I signed up and have never looked back! While I have done human portraits, I mostly do animals.

Studio: Furbaby Felt Portraits

Online Sales: No

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