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Robin Nidelcheff


My Process

As a colorist in the furniture industry for many years, I studied the use and impact of color. My current body of work reflects a wide array of hues that mingle & cascade in a parade of colors playing happily together. The interplay of the colors reflects scenes from life each day. I work in several clays; a deep sexy black clay that reflects & contrasts the sensations of woods in the autumn; a speckled sand clay reminds you of a day at the beach and a smooth white porcelain that is echoes calm water. Each invokes a unique feeling. Carving into clay to create texture and design gives the work shadows and a tactile surface that begs to be touched. Bare white birch trees are carved into dark clay vases, wall hangings and trays. Herons wander over platters and mugs. Nature abounds in actual ferns and leaves used to texture the clay. Texture plays a significant role in my body of work. Some of it occurs naturally in the firing processes. The rough hand of ash deposited on wood fired, tree-carved vases contrasts with smooth burnished surfaces of the naked raku. The sheer excitement of the cacophony of color and texture brings delight - and don't we all need a little more joy in our lives!

My Inspiration

Color Inspiration comes from quiet times- Walking in the woods or at the dunes along the water, watching the changes of colors and light through the seasons. This shows me the richness and variations of colors that I recreate in my pottery. Vibrancy in the work is inspired by the enthusiasm of children riding bike down my street laughing as they venture to the candy store, pulling a wagon to the beach, or walking with fishing poles to the waters edge. I would love to capture the vibrancy and abandon of childhood. As an adult, I do this through the excitement of color and texture and the smiles my work brings to faces of adults and children alike. The Sunflower is a symbol of that life force. My line of Sunflower pieces support the Ukranian Refugees. The vibrancy and life force flowing from the Sunflower provides Strength and Courage to a people who desperately need our support. A portion of each sale goes to the World Central Kitchen to assist in basic food distribution.

Fun Facts

I used Recycled Blue Jean fiber to make a unique clay allowing me to bring out the textures while working with porcelain and thin layers of other clays.

Studio: Robin NIdelcheff Studio

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