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Robin Nidelcheff


My Process

Carving & texturizing clay creates intrigue. The shadows & reflections of tactile surfaces make you want to touch the art. RObin's work is created in wide palettes of color that flow easily from one hue to the next with most pieces reflecting many shades of various colors,

My Inspiration

Life along the Great Lakes, including walks on beaches & sunsets over lighthouses, as well as a close up view of the fragility of the ecosystem we live in, are awe inspiring. I include sand on my pieces to send people home with a bit of that spirit of calmness & strength that exudes from the waters.

Fun Facts

I transplanted ferns from Bucks County to my current home in Michigan to continue creating my Fossiized Fern series of trays, containers and plaques.

Studio: RobinNidelcheff Studio

Online Sales: Yes

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